Since two years, we offer on the Saturday the "Cena del Giorno Primo", that is The Dinner of the Day Before, based on local dishes, surrounded by a magical atmosphere made with the 1900's lighting.




- Dinner with local products, from 7.30 pm

(The menu will be published soon)

- Musical entertainment with "La Dama e L'Unicorno" 

- At 11 pm "The Cerimony of Barrels"



H 11,00 PM

Our grandparents tell us that their grandparents on Saint Martin's Day (11th November) celebrated in a particular way. Saint Martin is a special day for Palleroso because he's our patron saint but, in the other parts of Italy, on that day, people usually taste the new wine. Long time ago the young men of Palleroso turned through all the wine cellars of the village to find the best wine. Than the winner offered his wine to enjoy the night with all the other villagers, drinking and singing.

Today this tradition has been rediscovered with a contest on Saint Martin's Day - when a jury of experts sommeliers declares the best wine - and during the "Dinner of the Day Before" with the Cerimony of Barrels, that starts at 11,00 pm with the ring of the bell tower...

They are the musical duo "La Dama e L'Unicorno", who will entertain us with music of celtic inspiration. (Click on their name to visit their Fb page)

If you want to have dinner with a special and romantic atmosphere, we give you the chance to reserve a table for the whole night. The dinner will be by candlelight and with a panoramical view. 

We'll accept the first 10 couples, that will book the table contacting us by email at the address or on our Fb page Moromerenda - A Merenda dal Contadino

You can discover the ancient crafts, acted by very special characters!

Per info: o 347/3402001 oppure metti "Mi piace" alla nostra pagina Facebook per essere aggiornato sulle ultime novità 

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