A leap in the past through a door opened on a peasant world, a special and exciting travel by old tastes and smells...an agricultural village, a street  market anche the great hospitality of the villagers, the feeling of travelling through the time or better to be where the time has stopped...

All this is...

Foto by giornaledibarganews

The success of the event is due to the  objective beauty of the village, the attention to details, the reproduction of old lost crafts and to the concurrence with a total opposite but complementary event:  The MOTOMERENDA.


from h 2,00pm: Opening of the Street Market e Gastronomic Stands till the evening

from h 7,30pm: Closing of the Cash Desk 

h 8,00pm: Closing of STANDS

It's possible to visit an ancient cellar and an old peasant house.

You can do all the tasting tour or eat just what you prefere. Each dish is based only on local products. Stands are organized around all the village in the most peculiar corners.

Stands will serve:

- cornmeal mush

-roast pork

-pancakes with cheese

-necci(typical chestnut flour pancakes) with ricotta.

Even this year, the same dishes will be available also GLUTEN FREE

FOR ALL YOU'LL PAY ONLY LIRAS 168 (YES, you've read right)

Yours Euros will be changed into special Liras coined by the Palleroso's mint. 

LUCA & KATIA will sing folk songs!

Per info: palleroso@libero.it o 347/3402001 oppure metti "Mi piace" alla nostra pagina Facebook per essere aggiornato sulle ultime novità 

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